Where is hwan ( jisoo ) who was overflowing with love? When I was the most beautiful

MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “When I Was the Most Beautiful” released New Upgrades Picture of Hwan ( jisoo ).

“I was the most beautiful ” is a heartbreaking love story between a brother who fell in love with a woman at the same time and a woman trapped in an unknown fate between him.
It depicts the fate of four mixed men and women, Oh Ye-Ji (played by Im Soo Hyang), Seo Hwan (played by Jisoo), Seo Jin (played by Ha Seok-jin), and Carrie Jung (played by Hwang Seung-eon).

Hwan at the wedding of his brother

Meanwhile, the production team released a masculine upgraded still, on the 8th (Tuesday) in which Jisoo (Seo-hwan) exudes the aura of a reliable adult man.
Jisoo, who used to show off his fresh charms like organic vegetables in school uniforms, will start hunting women’s hearts with suit fit.

In the still cut released, Ji-soo shows off Seo-hwan’s chic appearance with his half-up hair that has all his bangs turned back nowhere. In addition, it is inspiring to see people wearing black suits with a solid figure and sexy poses that they have never seen before, raising expectations by opening the door of their fans’ hearts wide with only a 180-degree change in the atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Ji-soo’s eyes are fixed on someone, raising questions. In particular, attention is focused on why Ji-soo’s attitude has changed due to his experience of passionless expression, which seems to have made a firm decision.
In the last episode, Ji-Su cherished the scrapbook that Im Soo Hyang had given in the past.

It raises questions about why the adult Jisoo has come back to Korea, and whether this will change his relationship with Im Soo-hyang, along with Jisoo’s masculine visuals.

The production team of “My Love” said, “From the 6th to 7th episode this week, three years after Ha Seok-jin’s disappearance will be portrayed,” and added, “Please watch what kind of turbulent storey will unfold with the return of the mature Ji-soo and the change in relations with Im Soo-Hyang.”

Meanwhile, “When I Was Most Beautiful,” which hails a stormy development with Ha Seok-jin’s disappearance, airs every Wednesday and Thursday evening at 9:30 p.m.

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