Watch Oh! Samkwang Villa is raising expectations

Capture teaser video for ‘Oh! Samkwang Villa’
The production team unveiled a third teaser video of melodrama, Showing hilarious moment of in drama.

KBS2’s new weekend drama ‘Oh! Samkwang Villa!’ is a new concept family drama about people who have gathered at Samkwang Villa with various stories but begin to open up their hearts and love one another.

The teaser video released on the 12th, It’s a different level of fun and novelty.

Oh! Samkwang Villa!’ The third teaser video has been released. Capture teaser video for ‘Oh! Samkwang Villa’

The direction of ‘Samkwang Villa!’ has been revealed.
Did you see the drama that fainted suddenly, smiled suddenly, and burped?” foreshadowed an unusual romance as unpredictable as the novel development.

It is familiar, but that is why expectations are added to the tit-for-tat chemistry between Woo Jae-hee (Lee Jang-woo) and Lee Bit Chae-woon (Jin Ki-Joo), who will portray a more delicious romance.

This is not the only thing. “Oh! Samkwang Villa!” has everything but “unforgettable visual, incredible joy, unimaginable identity, and unimaginable panties.”
Also, Lee Soon-Jung (Jeon In-Hwa), a girl who can’t stop her emotions (Jeon In-Hwa), Woo Jung-hoo (Jung Shin-Hye), Wanna Be Mother Kim Jung-won (Hwang Shin-Hye), Son Baragi Jung Min-Jae (Jinkyung), Geum Sa-pa Romantic Doctor Lee Man-Jung (Kim Sun-young), colourful Mr Trot Kim Hawk-use (In-ahm), Ae-change Bo-ahm), cute Jang Seo-ahum), and second Lee Hae-don (Bo-ahoon) and Sang-Choon).

Watch Behind the Scenes of Oh Samkwag villa Here

While the groundless funny, weird, and exciting teaser video amplifies expectations, the production team said, “We will take charge of the fun of the home theater on weekend evenings with a new concept family drama armed with the greatest fun of all time.” “Please check out the details of the show on the first episode as much as the teaser,

Meanwhile, “Oh! Samkwang Villa!” will premiere on KBS2 at 7:55 p.m. on Saturday, 19th, following “I’ve been there once.”

Watch the teaser here

Watch cast and crew of Oh Samkwang villa

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