Watch Bae Soo Ji, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Sun ho and Kang Han Na’s raised expectations for a “startup.” |Teaser

tvN’s new weekend drama “Startup” released its third teaser video on Tuesday ahead of its first broadcast in October.

Start-Up trailers 3

The teaser contains the reasons why four young people Seo Dal mi (Da Soo Ji), Nam Do san (Nam Joo Hyuk), Han Ji pyeong (Kim Sun ho), and Lee In Jae (Kang Eun na), are challenging start-ups, adding to the curiosity about the full-fledged story.

  • Highlights

First of all, Seo Dal-mi, who expressed her relentless ambition to the world, is confidently opening the door and entering. Then, Seo Dal-mi’s eyes, which jumped into the start-up business with the words “I’m for the reversal,” show a strong determination with dreams.

On the other hand, Nam Do-san, who used to emit a nerd+ beauty with his fluffy, smothered hair and checkered shirt, transformed 180 degrees with a pledge to “be shining again,” causing an untimely heart attack with his neat hairstyle and suit look.

Han Ji-pyeong, who has a relaxed atmosphere as the chief team leader of SH Venture Capital, said, “I’m trying to pay off my debts,” revealing the reason for the startup.


Startup” is a drama that depicts the beginning (START) and growth (UP) of young people who have entered start-ups dreaming of success in Korea’s Silicon Valley sandbox. Since “While You Were Sleeping,” the reunion of writer Park Hye-Hyeon and director Oh Choong-hwan has drawn attention, and will premiere in October.

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