Seo Hyun-jin is considered appearing in New drama By Co-Director Of “The King: Eternal Monarch”

Seo Hyun-jin my return as Kang Da-Jung in a new drama called you my Spring.

Seo Hyun Jin’s agency Management SOOP clarified,  That “Seo Hyun-jin has received an offer for ‘You are My Spring’ and is certainly considering

“You Are My Spring” will tell the story of three main characters living with their seven-year-olds selves in their hearts.
All of the characters are held back by the keyword “salvation,” and the story begins there.
The drama aims to be a “healing” romance story of seven-year-olds hiding behind adult facades.
” Producer Jung Ji-Hyun, who directed “Mr Sunshine” and “The King: The Lord of Eternity,” will take the megaphone.

Seo plays Kang Da-jeong, the manager of the hotel concierge.
She is smart because she resembles her father and has a strong living power because she looks like her mother.
She has never been to an expensive academy, but graduate from college with a scholarship, and got a job at a luxury hotel.
Seo became the fastest manager among her classmates, and received scouting offers from other planning teams.

If Seo Hyun-jin confirms her appearance in “You Are My Spring,” it will be her first comeback film in about a year since tvN’s “Black Dog.” Attention is focusing on Seo Hyun-jin’s move to show more than expected in each work.

Meanwhile, “You Are My Spring” is scheduled to air in the first half of 2021, and the program has yet to be decided.

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