Record of Youth has a promising start with Good Ratings

Record of youth racing toward their dreams has made viewers heartbeat from the first episode.
The Drama has taken No. 1 in its time slot for Monday-Tuesday dramas with its first premiere.

On the 7th, tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Youth Record” was first aired amid hot reviews.
Viewers’ responses were also hot as they dominated the real-time search word rankings of various portal sites right after the broadcast.

The ratings for the first episode recorded 7.8% on average, 10.3% on the Seoul metropolitan area, 6.4% on the national average, and 8.7% on the paid platform incorporating cable, IPTV, and satellite,
marking a pleasant start by topping the same time slot, including cable and cable channels.

This is the highest ratings ever for tvN’s first Monday-Tuesday drama.
In the 2049 viewer rating for men and women, which is the target of tvN, it topped the list of all channels, including terrestrial channels, with an average of 3.8 per cent in the Seoul metropolitan area and 3.1 per cent in the nation at a maximum of 4.4 per cent.
Paid platform standard / provided by Nielsen Korea)


Young people’s “sweet and salty” challenges, which do not give up and go straight despite the constant “Real Attack,” captivated viewers at once. The dazzling day of Sa Hye-Joon (Park Bo-gum), Ahn Jung-ha (Park So-dam), and

Won Hae-Hyo (Byun Woo-Seok), who are wandering in an uncertain future and making their own path, gave excitement. The synergy between Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam, and Byun Woo-Seok, which realistically melted the faces of youth, Ha Myung-hee, who captured the emotional lines of those who filled the pages of youth, was also outstanding.


The show began with the ordinary daily life of model Sa Hye-Joon, who dreams of becoming an actor. Although he is struggling to achieve his dream today, he was only a small actor with a small presence in the audition.

Coming down from the fancy runway, Sa was no different from her usual youth, who had to think about tomorrow and work part-time to live today.

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