Lie After lie Set New Records for Highest drama Ratings in the history of Channel A.

The third episode of Channel A’s Friday-Saturday drama “Lie of Lies” (written by Kim Ji-eun and directed by Kim Jung-Kwon), which aired on the 11th, recorded 3.1 per cent of viewer ratings, according to Nielsen Korea,

based on households in the Seoul metropolitan area), while reducing its own highest ratings, it also showed the highest ratings in Channel A drama history.


Lee Yu-ri plays Ji Eun-soo, who was reunited with her daughter whom she had missed so much, continued to face a crisis and broke the hearts of viewers.

Ji Eun-soo who was released from prison after serving 10 years as her husband’s murderer, miraculously reunited with her daughter, who had been separated.

The drama surprised viewers with unpredictable development.
In the broadcast on the same day, Ji Eun-soo’s agony was portrayed as she met her dreamy daughter but could not get close to her.

Meanwhile, SBS’s new sci-fi action thriller “Alice” scored average nationwide ratings of 6.8 per cent and 8.1 per cent for its two parts, making it the most-watched Friday-Saturday drama of the night.

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