Kdrama Once again ended with a happy ending

According to Nielsen Korea, The Final Episode of “Once again,” which Aired on the 13th,
score average nationwide ratings of 33.6 % and 34.8 % for it two-part.
The drama reaches 33.5 per cent in the last 98 episodes but failed to break its own highest ratings of 37.0 per cent in the 96 episodes.

“Once Again” is the story of the eventful Song family who can’t get a day of peace and their neighbours in Yongju Market.
It was first aired in March And it broadcast popularity, exceed 30 per cent.

In the final episode, Song Na-hee is pregnant with Yoon Kyu-jin baby’s ( Twins ), and their family also have a happy ending.

Did you watch Once again? What are your thoughts about it? Let’s me know in the comments section below.

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